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The high barrier to entry prevents many companies from tapping into the full potential of machine learning. But what if you could make it more accessible? We’re in the midst of a data explosion, with today’s enterprises amassing goldmines of information (25 quintillion bytes of data e...
We’d like to introduce you to some of the people from around the world who make us what we are. In this post, meet Sassy, whose design work is recognized globally. 2017-11-16T19:27:32Z 2017-11-17T06:55:24Z Aneliya Stoyanova
After extensive conversations on mobile strategy with leading analysts, it’s clear there are four key areas every organization needs to be thinking about. 2017-11-15T16:24:36Z 2017-11-17T06:55:24Z Mark Troester
Organizations and application developers rely on access to their data. Here are ten of the most common challenges they face—and how to solve them. 2017-11-13T20:05:21Z 2017-11-17T06:55:24Z Nishanth Kadiyala
We're proud to support innovation and the tech community in Bulgaria. Read on to learn about recent and upcoming events in the tech scene there. 2017-11-09T22:19:16Z 2017-11-17T06:55:24Z Aneliya Stoyanova
The high barrier to entry prevents many companies from tapping into the full potential of machine learning. But what if you could make it more accessible? 2017-11-06T19:49:42Z 2017-11-17T06:55:24Z Sundeep Sanghavi
Why should you develop with NativeScript and Kinvey? Learn the top reasons this combination is ideal for easily building rich enterprise applications. 2017-11-06T13:30:00Z 2017-11-07T18:48:40Z Tejas Ranade
Learn how to access the JDBC database of your choice with AWS Glue and Spark using DataDirect JDBC drivers. 2017-10-09T16:22:03Z 2017-11-07T18:48:40Z Saikrishna Teja Bobba
From a modern user experience to cost savings and more, here are the top five reasons to upgrade to OpenEdge 11.7 today. 2017-11-03T19:11:24Z 2017-11-04T21:42:41Z Tanya O’Connor
We're proud to be recognized alongside the most innovative companies in cognitive computing. 2017-11-01T14:45:40Z 2017-11-03T01:30:49Z Mark Troester
NativeScript offers huge advantages over hybrid when it comes to mobile development—and is already being used by household names. 2017-10-30T15:33:31Z 2017-11-03T01:30:49Z Dan Wilson
OData 4 differs significantly from OData 2. Learn about the differences between them when using Hybrid Data Pipeline and decide which one you need (or both). 2017-10-26T13:00:00Z 2017-10-26T20:02:05Z Nishanth Kadiyala
Developers are rate limiting their APIs to improve their application’s security and performance. Learn more about API Throttling / Rate Limits in this blog. 2017-10-25T14:20:51Z 2017-10-26T20:02:05Z Nishanth Kadiyala
Rollbase now offers an easy to use graphical workflow designer. In this tutorial, learn how to use it in your own low-code apps to design a workflow in minutes. 2017-10-20T15:32:35Z 2017-10-20T18:43:47Z Thierry Ciot
In addition to backend improvements, a graphical workflow designer, responsive grid control and more UI upgrades are here in Rollbase 5.0. 2017-10-20T15:32:25Z 2017-10-20T18:43:47Z Thierry Ciot
The healthcare industry has some ambitious goals. Your organization should have the same ones. 2017-10-18T18:08:36Z 2017-10-19T04:49:06Z Mark Troester
Learn how to access the JDBC database of your choice with AWS Glue and Spark SQL using DataDirect JDBC drivers. 2017-10-09T16:22:03Z 2017-10-13T20:23:20Z Saikrishna Teja Bobba
It seems everything is available as a cloud hosted service today, creating a tremendous amount of noise. How can you be sure what’s right for your organization? 2017-10-10T12:05:00Z 2017-10-10T14:41:20Z Mark Troester
Learn how to access the JDBC database of your choice with AWS Glue using DataDirect JDBC drivers. 2017-10-09T16:22:03Z 2017-10-09T16:51:57Z Saikrishna Teja Bobba
Everyone is talking about AI, but what about the magic ingredient that makes AI intelligent in the first place? 2017-10-03T19:38:59Z 2017-10-03T21:30:48Z Mark Armstrong ?utm_medium=feed&
Release 4.2 of Hybrid Data Pipeline supports OData 4.0, along with OData 2.0, and offers several enhancements to improve operational integration. 2017-10-02T13:00:00Z 2017-10-02T17:44:09Z Nishanth Kadiyala ?utm_medium=feed&
To create a positive customer experience, you must start by putting your employees first. Delight them and you will delight your customers. 2017-09-26T15:27:25Z 2017-09-26T16:58:52Z Mark Troester ?utm_medium=feed&
Top talent in Silicon Valley developed applications that leverage the OData API generated using Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline. 2017-09-25T18:03:50Z 2017-09-26T05:43:44Z Sumit Sarkar ?utm_medium=feed&
What are the steps you should take to be ready to take advantage of Machine Learning, and why is now the time to do so? Learn the answers in part two of our series on demystifying Machine Learning. 2017-09-20T15:49:41Z 2017-09-20T16:44:20Z Mark Troester ?ut...
SaaS has revolutionized how the software industry operates. As ISVs adapt the SaaS model, they may need to shift their business and marketing strategies as well. 2017-09-18T19:28:03Z 2017-09-18T19:49:19Z Tanya O’Connor ?utm_medium=feed&utm_source=feedpress....
There are valuable insights buried within your data, but they can be virtually impossible to find manually. Enter unsupervised cognitive learning. 2017-09-15T18:50:32Z 2017-09-15T20:32:01Z Sundeep Sanghavi ?utm_medium=feed&
We're pleased to share a preview of Augmented Reality (AR) support coming to NativeScript, our open source cross platform mobile framework. 2017-09-12T19:44:43Z 2017-09-13T03:21:54Z Todd Anglin ?utm_medium=feed&
OpenEdge 11.7 includes new log management controls that let you fine-tune log levels and options, saving server resources and making it easier to find problems. 2017-09-07T15:21:29Z 2017-09-07T18:53:25Z Dileep Dasa ?utm_medium=feed&
Are machines really intelligent? Learn the answer and how it can affect your business. It's machine-learning 101 for curious business leaders out there. 2017-09-06T12:00:00Z 2017-09-07T18:53:25Z Mark Troester ?utm_medium=feed&
There are many solutions that claim to democratize analytics, but they are really constrained. A meta-learning approach democratizes without limits. 2017-08-11T15:35:57Z 2017-09-06T20:56:58Z Mark Troester ?utm_medium=feed&
From the Library of Congress to university libraries at Harvard and Oxford, OpenEdge and Kendo UI Builder help make it easy to find books at top libraries. 2017-09-05T12:00:00Z 2017-09-05T13:23:08Z Tanya O’Connor ?utm_medium=feed&
Join us and other NativeScript developers to learn the latest about our open source technology for building cross platform native mobile apps. 2017-08-30T20:06:44Z 2017-08-30T20:33:26Z Tanya O’Connor ?utm_medium=feed&
Load external data using our open source wave connector for external data that works with any OData endpoint. Grab it today on GitHub. 2017-08-30T15:01:06Z 2017-08-30T20:33:26Z Sumit Sarkar ?utm_medium=feed&
Understanding the SaaS Market and Seizing the Opportunity 2017-08-25T19:11:21Z 2017-08-28T14:24:16Z Tanya O’Connor ?utm_medium=feed&
The new limits API is engineered to be database-agnostic and support row limit throttling (limiting user queries to a specified number of rows) for analytical workloads in hosted environments. 2017-08-24T19:33:51Z 2017-08-24T21:33:07Z Saikrishna Teja Bobba ...
Chatbots are the next big thing, but there’s always another big thing coming. Prepare for the future with a flexible architecture that’s ready for everything. 2017-08-21T12:30:00Z 2017-08-21T16:43:05Z Mark Troester ?utm_medium=feed&
How can you integrate your internal API layer into various BI tools? We answer this and show how to enable SQL access to enterprise APIs in our latest webinar. 2017-08-17T21:23:11Z 2017-08-17T23:44:44Z Sumit Sarkar ?utm_medium=feed&
Small-sided football games are very popular among Millennials in the UK, who are avid smartphone users. Powerleague needed an app that could keep up. 2017-08-16T20:58:08Z 2017-08-17T00:49:04Z Kevin Aspindle ?utm_medium=feed&
In recent years AI has grown significantly and become a substantial area of business investment. What has changed, and how does this affect you? 2017-07-20T17:56:31Z 2017-08-15T13:28:44Z Mark Troester ?utm_medium=feed&
Why use OData? Who is adopting OData? In this quick FAQ, learn about features of OData like FHIR, RFC, IETF, Security, JSON, batch requests and pagination. 2017-08-11T20:13:48Z 2017-08-13T04:43:45Z Nishanth Kadiyala ?utm_medium=feed&